The Pasco Baptist Association 

Our common expressions of service include a Wild Game Dinner for Men and Boys each March to help churches reach men;  a weekly Pastor's Round-table and a monthly Discover Pasco discussion that provides pastors a platform for sharing of ideas and ministry needs;  seminary extension classes to assist in developing leaders; and training events such as Vacation Bible School where any church. Regardless of size, churches can participate and know that their sister churches are willing to help one another with resources. 


It is through the combined efforts of the 34 churches that every church can know they have a partner and will not stand alone in times of hardship or interim leadership.

Discover Pasco 

Merriam –Webster’ dictionary defines the word strategy as “a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time: the skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal.” A strategy has two primary components  1) its a plan, and like any plan, it will have revisions, and  2) it usually is achieved over a long period of time. To date, the Pasco Baptist Association (PBA) has not experienced a church planting movement in its 132-year life span. Though it has added churches over the last 132 years, the bulk of the church growth has come from existing believers moving into the area and orchestrating a time, place, and location to meet. Church Planting is more than a group of existing believers needing a place to meet.  Church Planting at its core is churches rapidly reproducing themselves.

From 2005 to 2020, the population of the county almost quadrupled. The growth has been both numerical to the population as well as socially, and economically. The church must meet the cultures moving in. 

Since 2009 Pasco County has averaged 100 people per month moving into the County. The average attendance on any given Sunday of most of our 32 Churches is less than 200 people. That means a new church moves to Pasco County every other month. And if you use NAMB statistic of the average church plant starts with 100 people, that’s one new church plant moving to Pasco every month. The Pasco area is ripe for a Church planting movement.

Is your church ready to meet these new challenges?  Is your church ready and willing to look at new strategies of disciple-making that delivers the Gospel into daily living?


That's the discussion for Discover Pasco!