Culture & Worldview Survey

Pasco County Planning Commission recently identified nine different areas within Pasco. The Pasco Baptist Association has a survey designed to identify cultural variations that make up each sector.  It is as simple as clicking on the area that you live in, then answer a few brief questions.  Just click on the areas you live in and the survey window will open.  We would like to thank you in advance for your time in helping us better understand the communities that we serve.

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The goal of the Pasco Baptist Association (PBA) is to better understand how to engage local Southern Baptist Churches with the every changing and growing population of Pasco County. Our pray is that together we can find ways to meet the needs of our communities emotionally, phyicsically, and spiritually.


To do this the PBA must undrstand what the people of Pasco believe are high priorities to thier well-being. These surveys allow the PBA to do that. Thank you in advance for sharing with us, and we look forward to oppotunities to connect with you.